09. talk too much


OH, do I have a song for you.


Guys, honestly, my roommates must be so sick of hearing COIN’s song Talk Too Much — like, over and over, on repeat.  It’s a bop!  Check it out here.


Tell me how much you love it in comments, k?  You’re welcome. Now, let’s talk FASHUN.

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about “grown up Leah”.  Like, who is that? And, more importantly — what does she look like?  

For most of my life I worked really hard to be edgy.  I was desperate for the world to know I was “different”, though too scared to embrace full on scene hair and snake bites.  As a result, my wardrobe consisted mainly of band t shirts, various colours of skinny jeans, and a lot of scarves that, for some reason, I always wore indoors.

Getting older — not to mention moving to the city — has really inspired me to step up my look, but I don’t want to lose whatever small amount of badassery I was able to cultivate as an angsty sixteen year old.  Edgey rocker vibes are key, but so is looking like a grown up (and one who deserves a job).

The best fashion advice I ever received came from my lovely mother, who has always told me “whatever look you choose, make sure everyone knows it’s on purpose”.  So if you’re rocking blue hair, don’t let it look like you dyed it in your kitchen sink — even if you did. If your jeans are ripped up, make it high fashion, not like a kid who scraped their knee on the playground.  I-woke-up-like-this is a carefully constructed look, not an excuse to roll out of bed and into life — y’know?

So with this in mind, I’ve been compiling all my rules (er, guidelines) for dressing like a grown up… but, like, a cool grown up.  

🔴 Nails on fleek.  I love dark nails — and black nails (short + square are my fave) are a great way to add a bit of edge to your look… as long as they’re not a mess.  I do my best to keep my nails painted, because I think it really pulls things together.

🔴 When in doubt, stick with black and white.  I know it’s not the most exciting option in the world, but monochrome looks are so chic.  When I don’t know what to wear I love a baggy white blouse — tied at the bottom, of course, to give a bit of pin-up flair.


🔴 Best foot forward.  I love my converse and vans as much as anyone, but they’re not exactly the most polished look.  I like a cute loafer, anything point-toed, or chunky heeled booties; they can all convey your inner badass, but they’re also grown up.

🔴 Accessories are key.  If you think your outfit is a little bland, throw on a necklace (or 5), some cute hoops, or (my personal fave) some badass rings.  Throw a leopard print coat on over your all black outfit, or a cute colourful scarf. Lipstick is also an accessory, if you ask me.


🔴 When in doubt, Paris is always a good idea.  It’s just a fact: french girls do it better. They have effortlessness down to a fine art, and somehow they can make even the simplest outfit look badass.  So if you’re not sure where to start, might I recommend googling “Parisian fashion” or “how to dress like a french girl”.  Here’s a couple of french beauties to get you started:


And you? how do you step up your fashion game?

(notice that I wrote a post about a new subject — HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT?  this has been a long time coming tbh, and I’m excited about it.)