party on with party nails.

Truth be told I had a feeling I’d love Party Nails as soon as I read the name.  PARTY NAILS, guys.  It sounds so fun — and it is.

I love a good new female artist to obsess over, don’t you?


Party Nails is fuelled by a lot of electronic beats, but at its core I can hear the influence of old school rock’n’roll — even if it’s mainly in the form of a devil-may-care attitude and a badass vintage wardrobe.  The songs drip LA sass and demand that you dance along.  So what are you waiting for?

The song One by One will make you feel like you’re dancing along to the credits rolling over your own personal movie, while Come Again (the title track off her 2017 EP) is sexy and sweet.  My personal favourite, though, is still So Broke — “one day I’ll make it from the record I wrote // right now I’m so damn broke”.  Isn’t that the eternal artistic struggle?

If you’re into Charli XCX or Now, Now, then you need Party Nails in your life.

Like, yesterday.

check out her Spotify here.