Remember all that stuff about change?  turns out I wasn’t joking.

Since my last blog post I’ve finished school, moved into my friend’s apartment (sleeping on her couch this summer seemed so romantic and adventurous in theory), changed my hair colour (yes, I do miss red already), and of course made all sorts of BIG SUMMER PLANS.

File 2017-05-01, 10 20 41 PM.jpeg
April 25th was the one year anniversary of me living in Toronto – and the city for sure has my heart.

I do this every summer – and I think I write about it every summer too.  THIS IS THE ONE, you know?  I’m going to do YOGA and kiss BOYS and drink GREEN JUICE… or whatever.  Only this year I’m taking a different approach.  This summer I’m just going to do me.

I texted my friend Kelly a few days ago: “plans for this summer: wearing less and going out more”.  That’s IT.  And sure I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a SUMMER 2K17 sticky note on my laptop with things I want to do (make jewellery, go on more dates, keep an epic summer journal, blog like a real blogger), but those really are things that I want to do.  I want to be creative and meet more people and make more things.

The reason I haven’t posted in so long is because I didn’t want to log back onto wordpress until I had made a real editorial calendar and planned things and focussed and blah blah blah… but honestly?  that is very much not in the spirit of MOMPUNK, the spirit of me or the spirit of my summer.

how am I doing me this summer?

More concerts.  More art.  More time outside.  More coffee.  More wine.  More nights out.  More “yes”.  More opening up.  More exploring new places.  More writing.  More being honest with people.  More being honest with myself.

File 2017-05-01, 10 19 42 PM.jpeg
speaking of more concerts… saw The Maine recently – my mind is blown.


Surprise, surprise – the blog this season will reflect all of those things.  I wanna talk about how to have your best summer ever while remaining a real human.  Y’know, one who has no money, who doesn’t actually have that many days off, and who has rolls when she bends over.  One who occasionally sleeps, admits she hates running, and doesn’t (CAN’T!) always stick to her schedule.  This summer we’re going to talk about learning to love your tummy, lilac lipstick, summer date ideas (can’t write this until I go on some dates), at home pedicures, and my endless attempt at conquering fake lashes.  And hey, who knows what else?  I sure as hell don’t – still flying by the seat of my pants.

Speaking of my pants, they are now unbuttoned (lots of Chinese food was had today), and I’m drinking my favourite herbal tea so that must mean it’s time for a bit of netflix and sleep!!  Hope you’re all as excited as I am for some SUNSHINE!!  Wish I was a little closer to the ocean, but for now I have some pretty impressive lakes to keep me company instead.

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all my summer lovin’ to u,


SWEET NOTHINGS: halloween + goals

It’s a whole new month – can you believe it?  November is always a busy time in terms of school; things are wrapping up, and it feels like everything is due all at once.  How terrifying!

– Speaking of terrifying: let’s talk halloween real fast.  Check out my cheshire cat look from last night!

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work was having an alice in wonderland themed party and I of course left my costume to the last minute…

A ton of different purple eyeshadows, NYX jumbo eyepencils in milk and blackbean, lots of liquid eyeliner, and some purple dollar store hair goo  – voila!  Probably the cheapest costume of all time, and I got tons of compliments.  What did you dress up as?

In other news, November is NaBloPoMo.  Is that still a thing?  It literally just occurred to me… are any of you planning on posting every day this month?  It seems daunting, but I’m tempted – I love a good challenge.

ALRIGHT, it’s the first of the month, soooo let’s talk about what’s happening, shall we?  We spent October discussing magic, my eyebrows, Toronto, and tons of music!  Truthfully I didn’t blog as much as I would have hoped – and it was only the very beginning of my blog, too!  It’s going to get better, friends, I promise.  If I learned one thing this month it’s that sometimes you have to put on your blinders, ignore what’s happening to/with/for everyone else in your life, and focus on your own shit.  Just because you’re not totally taking over the world just yet doesn’t mean you aren’t making strides in your own journey, ya know?

So, with that in mind, here are some November goals:

1. cut out gluten :/ I put this one first because it’s going the be the hardest; just saying it makes me cringe.  I think gluten is what’s making my skin flare up, but I can’t bring myself to give it up !!!  I just…love…bread…

2. stay caught up on readings.  I am the worst procrastinator in the world and if I do not have to read something I am not gunna read it.

3. get a credit card.  Probably a terrible idea, tbh, but I’m almost 21 now sooo it’s time.

4. apply for my Ontario driver’s license/health card.  I still have all of my BC things.  It’s technically okay because I’m a student, but I don’t really intend to move back and I’m lowkey afraid I’ll lose my wallet one day and it’ll get mailed to Victoria.

5. drink more water.  ALL OF THE WATER!  I’ve been putting a bit of lemon and cayenne in it because ~*health*~

bring it on November – I’m ready for ya.

What are your goals for the month?  And, more importantly, who was hungover today?

– L