reasons I almost didn’t start this blog

1. I’m boring. Aren’t we all? I’m not a model, or a trust fund baby, or a new mom. I’m twenty years old; I have no money, I spend most of my time studying or working, and I’m not especially good at… well, anything. What do people like me even write about?

2. I’ve already had a million, billion blogs. No, seriously. My blogging obsession started when I was maybe fourteen? My mom, who has always been a big fan of the phrase why not you? encouraged me to give it a shot. I’ve always been a decent writer, and I needed a hobby. I tried a personal blog (lots of angsty rambling), and then a music blog (about all of my favourite emo bands). Then the music blog became a personal blog. Then a music blog again. And then… well, then it became a mess. Honestly, I’ve tried to really commit to blogging so many times, it’s getting a little big outrageous.

3. I have no money. I literally don’t know why that matters, but I feel like it does. What will I write about if I can’t afford to travel the world and hire someone to take photos of me in my bikini?

4. I’m not great with computers. I want my blog (and everything else in my life) to be cuuuute, and I don’t know how to make that happen. What’s the point if it isn’t cute?

5. I don’t have time. I’m a full time student, I work three nights a week, I have friends, and… I have a lot of netflix to watch, okay?

6. I don’t know what to write about. I have the attention span of a goldfish; is there really one thing I care about enough to write about regularly?

7. what the fuck will I call it? Seriously I am bad at naming things. When I was a kid I had a teddy bear named Yellowish. Can you guess what colour he was?

8. it’s embarrassing. How is blogging simultaneously so cool and so lame? I don’t really understand it, but I know that it’s true. Unless immediately followed by “and now I have thousands of adoring fans!” the sentence “I started a blog” is generally received with blank stares. Trust me, I know.

And yet here I am.

My name is Leah; I’m a twenty year old student, music lover, and candle enthusiast. And this is my thousandth attempt at carving out a spot for myself on the internet.  This thing that you’re looking at right now is a static page – I threw it up here in an attempt to make it look like things were happening.  But just wait – things are coming.  Many, many things.