Overwhelmed by the giant mess that is my blog?  Me too, sometimes.  If you want to just skip to the good stuff, here are a few of my favourite posts.

I’d recommend you start with this post – “An Ode To My Failure (and to many more to come)”.  After a few months of pretending I the kind of person who should have a lifestyle blog, I finally realized that just wasn’t me – I vowed to be open and honest, and to dedicate my blog to growth.  That’s why, ever since then, a lot of my posts are full of self deprecating humour and tips on just getting by – because we can’t always be the best.

love talking about music – it’s been my favourite thing in this world since I was in high school.  Check out my music category for recommendations, playlists, and fangirling!

Red hair is kind of my calling card – here is a post with some tips on making your own epic hair transformation.

This is the only makeup look I have ever posted on here – for sparkly mermaid eyes, of course!  I’m still just far too proud of it.

Living that student life?  Me too.  Here‘s a post about how to not die.  Also here is a post on not spending literally all of your money on coffee (and, okay, some real budgeting advice too).

there it is – a carefully curated selection of my favourite posts – would love it if you’d tell me your favourite thing you’ve written, too!

– L