MUSIC: the Maine


themaineGUYS, yesterday I bought myself the best present EVER… Tickets to see the Maine on April 25th on their Lovely Little Lonely tour!  I haven’t gone to a concert since last summer, so it’s TIME, y’all.

Anyway, I’ve loved the Maine for years, but this last album is shaping up to be the best yet.  Angsty as always, fast and dance-able, and my favourite album artwork in a long time.  The first song they released off of it, Bad Behaviour, was like the ultimate throwback to the good ol’ emo days, and Black Butterflies and Deja Vu, aka my current obsession, is unlike anything else I’ve heard before.  I.  LOVE.  IT.  Then today they released a song called Do You Remember (the other half of 23).  Guess what?  It’s also perfect.

The new album is out on April 7th, and until then they’re posting clips of the songs as a count down on their instagram – definitely follow them if you don’t already.

so?  thoughts on the new tunes?  thoughts on anything at all?  how’s like?  love me, pay attention to me.

xx – L

BEAUTY: best! primer! ever!

File 2017-03-09, 1 20 15 PM.jpeg

GUYS, I’ve cracked it.

It’s been a long, hard road but I have finally – FINALLY! – found the absolute best green primer in all the land.  If you have redness that drives you nuts, then you have come to the right place because this is life changing.

….. okay I’m getting a little extra about the whole thing, but honestly I need you to understand how obsessed I am.

The primer is NYX colour correcting liquid primer in green.  I bought it at the NYX store in the eaton centre for… 18.99 I think?  In terms of NYX products it’s on the pricey side, but truly for me it is so so so worth it.  Not only does it neutralize your redness BIG TIME, but it’s got a really shimmery luminous finish to it that will shine through your foundation and give you the most glamorous dewy look EVER.  I used to be SO about the matte look because… I’m sweaty?  and I thought that powdering my face like mad was the answer.  But anyway I am officially so over it, and very much into the dewy sex bomb look.  So yeah, if you are too, this primer + rimmel wake me up foundation (my drug store fave) is the ultimate combo.

On an unrelated note, I’m currently listening to a stream of Gala Darling and one of the Astro Twins talking about Venus retrograde.  Fun because venus rules love/sex/etc (all the good stuff really), and everyone could use more of that.  I am really into reading my horoscope and knowing what’s going on with the stars and all that, even though my horoscope never seems to be all that applicable to me – which is weird because the Sagittarius “profile” fits me so well?  Anyway, who knows – it’s fun to read either way.  I’m a sucker for anyone or anything telling me things about myself and/or telling me what to do with my life.

Alright I’m off – so much homework to do.

love love love,



SWEET DREAMS: a few before bed rituals.

really love my bed.

I remember there was a time where I was like “sleep is dumb, why do people sleep, I want to be awake all the time to do all the things!” but let me tell you, that time has passed and now I am very definitely pro-sleep.  Some might say too pro-sleep (pshhh, is there such thing?).  Not that I don’t still want to do all the things – it’s just that once you realize the difference that getting a decent amount of sleep makes it’s really hard to go back?

Also I’m getting old now – my eye twitches when I don’t get enough sleep, as I discovered last week.

This last year I’ve been working at a nightclub while going to school – aka three nights a week I’m on “industry time”, getting home at 3am, and somehow dragging my ass to school a day later.  And the fun thing about getting home at 3am?  you don’t get home and go to bed – if you get home at 3, you’re in bed at 4.  Maybe you’re asleep at 5.  So that 9:30 alarm that you thought would be nbd (6 hours of sleep, you’re set!) – yeah, not so much.

ANYWAY, I’m finally getting the hang of being the MASTER OF MY CIRCADIAN RYTHMS or whatever – at least, I think so.  I figured I’d hit ya with some tips.

✨ I try (TRY) to shut off my phone and laptop half an hour before bed.  I know, it’s hard – I have for sure fallen off the bandwagon here lately.  But it does make a noticeable difference after a little while.  I like to read (I’ve been trying to get through this book called The Golden Son for like 90 years) or journal for a bit!

✨ get that mood lighting goin’.  I love me some candles (especially vanilla – so delicious), but if you’re not a fan (or you have a very cruel landlord), then try a gentle bedside lamp.  I find it really tough to go from SUPER BRIGHT straight to bed.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

✨ my mom gave me this essential oil blend for christmas and I love it!  it’s got lavender,
marjoram, and chamomile in it – all super soothing and perfect for bringing a good night’s sleep!  I roll a bit of it on my upper lip before I hit the hay.  I don’t know if it really makes me sleep better, but it’s very soothing and sometimes a little ritual is kind of nice.  Weird? maybe.

✨ always always always tea.  I love a bit of sleepy time or peppermint before bedtime.

✨ the right soundtrack – the key to anything, really.  This can be a little threatening to the no technology rule, I know.  I have an old school iPod that I still carry around like a middle schooler tbh and I like to use that, BUT if you have an iPhone there’s also a setting called Night Shift that you can put on which will dim the blue light from your screen!  Not ideal but if you just need to find the perfect spotify playlist then it’s better than nothing.  (I made a chill playlist for you a few weeks ago, btw).

So yeah, that’s my pre-bed ritual.  Tbh going to bed isn’t really the hard part – getting up is… but that’s another post for another day.

For the record – I’ve tried taking melatonin.  I did it a few days in a row and I hated it.  Maybe I’ll do a full post on it one day?  but for now I’ll just say – it gave me weird dreams, and I always still felt super tired the next day.  AND it started to scare me that I was taking melatonin to go to sleep then drinking coffee to stay awake then taking melatonin to sleep then… you get it.

OKAY, off to order take out with my roommates and then have my cinderella moment (changing out of my pjs/putting on some makeup) and heading to work.  We have extended liquor licenses this week and next week (men’s fashion week in Toronto!!) so I’ll be needing this before bed business more than ever.

sweet dreams – L

HELLO, MARCH! it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

FebruaryStationaryPhone - Rekita Nicole

hello darlings,


it’s a whole new month, and spring is in the air!  Thank GOD – I was getting real tired of the parka + winter boots look.  Midterms are in full swing (just two more to go!) and I am coping with a lot of coffee and a wardrobe that consists almost entirely of hoodies.  I can not wait to feel like a human again.

I long for the days of eating real meals in my home, sleeping for at least 7 hours, and having a social life.  The good ol’ days, ya know?

only semi-related but – I have been thinking a lot about The Future lately and guys… I’m scared.

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment the other day when I realized… wow.  I am really over school.

Seriously – the work is bad enough.  It’s hard and it’s time consuming, and a lot of it is boring.  But that’s not even what’s really getting to me.  What’s I’m really tired of is… my life?  Or I guess I should say my lifestyle.

Like – the fact that I don’t have one??

I’m tired of having no money.  Like, really tired of it.  I want to be able to buy a $40 top without feeling guilty for a month.  I’m tired of living in a room the size of a closet, with shitty ikea furniture that I didn’t pick for myself.  I’m tired of not being able to go anywhere or do anything.  I’m tired of the fact that there is no such thing as nothing to do – I could (and probably should) be working every hour of every day and I still don’t think I’d feel caught up.  And worst of all… I don’t even know if it’ll mean anything in the end.

The truth is everyone has a damn BA.  If you’re not the best then you’re just nothing, and I don’t want to be nothing.  The only thing that makes all of this worth it is the promise of something amazing at the end – and I’m cheating myself out of that something by constantly thinking about what will satisfy my IMMEDIATE, RIGHT NOW wants and needs.

– like, you know what would make me happy?  If instead of studying I was going to get nachos with my roommates.  Or going to my staff party.  Or rewatching Please Like Me on Netflix while eating cheetos.

And what I’m learning is… that is not actually what feels good.
I mean, it does (I love me some nachos).  But then it doesn’t, and the horrible feeling that comes from neglecting my shit is a thousand times worse than the horrible feeling of studying.

I just read my horoscope for the month and you know what it said?  it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  And ok, yeah I’ve heard that about a million times before.  But that time it just… clicked.

If everything were about what makes me happy RIGHT NOW I would never have come to university.  I’d never have started this blog.  I wouldn’t have any money in the bank.  I’d weigh a million pounds.
I mean, I’d probably be wine drunk, like, 99% of the time if that were how the world worked.  right?  Because that’s what fun- what’s easy.  But that’s not how you create a big juicy creative exciting life for yourself.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s time to start playing the long game.  A little hedonism now and then is fun (and necessary for my sanity tbh), but I’m going to have a whole lot of living to do after I finish this degree, and it won’t be easy if I don’t put in the work now.

how do you stay focussed on the future – how do you keep yourself playing the long game?  I need all the help I can get.

mwah! – L

PS, if you ever find yourself in need of some pretty photos for your blog I highly recommend you check out Rekita Nicole‘s blog!  She’ll send you a package of super cute stock photos every month for you to use for free.  amazing!

MUSIC: there’s a new all time low song and I am LIVING!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.41.19 PM.png

GUYS it has been a long long long time coming, but today a new All Time Low song came out and I am LIVING for it!!!  yes yes yes YESSS the boys are back.

I’m struggling to say anything remotely intelligent about this because right now my brain is mostly just like “!!!!!!!”.  I really like the direction they’re going though, the song is different but still distinctly All Time Low – the lyrics are, as always, 100% on point, and the video is full of spooky lighting, blank stares, and Alex driving a vintage mustang (I fear that I am not selling it very well but I promise it’s sick).

ALSO, “young renegades”.  New album name????

I was always kind of obsessed with the word “renegade”, ever since Paramore did the singles club and put out their song renegade.  It’s the most basic and predictable pop-punk theme but it’s just so relatable (especially for my little Sagittarius heart) that it gets me every time.

Speaking of Paramore!  All Time Low also announced that they’ve been signed to Fuelled By Ramen for the last year and kept it a secret (rude).  But seriously, fbr has basically all the biggest bands in “the scene” – Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots… Fall Out Boy at one point, yes? – and now All Time Low is officially on the roster.  Exciting!

(my new phone background courtesy of atl’s insta)

ANYWAY, sorry for this excessively rambly and excited post – it’s not even a monday!  But I have had a lot of coffee, and there is new music from one of my favourite bands in this whole entire universe, so it’s a good day for me.  AND next week is reading week.

Life! Is! Good!

On that note, I’m off to campus to write a midterm.  I have a good feeling about it, so please send me all of your luck and good vibes.  If you haven’t heard the new song/seen the new video, check it out here and let me know what you think!!

tgif ❤ – L

SWEET NOTHINGS: love tingz, new theme, etc.


Poor mompunk has been seriously neglected lately.

When I started this blog I swore I’d make it a priority; this is NOT a place to whine about your life online, Leah! But the truth is… well, I’m a busy gal – even if I don’t know what with. I don’t know how all you people do it. Seriously, someone teach me how to stay motivated and productive and actually do things I’m proud of?

In the meantime, I’m writing it so it’s official – MOMPUNK is just a hobby.  School and work have to be my priorities at the moment – no matter now unfortunate of a reality that is.  I am not about to let this blog be a thing that stresses me out.

Seriously – I refuse.

Speaking of blog things, let me officially introduce “sweet nothings”, aka how I will now be referring to these random life update/chitchat posts. Probably the only feature besides music monday that I will ever be able to stick to because the whole thing is that it’s not really a feature at all – so fun right?
Also live on the blog (what a cool blogger thing to say), a brand new theme!  check it out and let me know what you think – I’ve been wanting to change it up for a while and I feel like this fits the whole vibe of MOMPUNK better.  I’m going to be messing around with the layout of posts etc., in the near future soooo keep an eye out and be patient with me.

Anyway, it’s officially Valentine’s Day! Aka international singles awareness day. Tell me, my fellow single ladies – does it get to you? Do you feel hard done by? Or are you off to the grocery store to pick up some half priced chocolate and then parking on the couch for a movie marathon with the girls?

Personally I’m drowning in school work, so it’s just another Tuesday for me. Hopefully there’s a $9 bottle of red wine with the roommates in my future – gotta celebrate somehow right?

If you’re stuck in a V-Day funk, here is my suggestion: grab a book, a journal and pen, or your laptop, head to the nearest cozy cafe, and dedicate an hour to just hanging out with yourself; think of it as your big valentines day date!  You deserve the love you keep trying to give away, darlings.


On that note, I’m heading home.  There is an ice cream shop that just opened down the street from my house with DONUT CONES, and it is calling my name.  It’s a balmy 5 degrees out in Toronto, soooo obviously time for ice cream.

extra love 4 u today – L

MUSIC MONDAY: hopeless + romantic.


so cute and so real?

well my loves, it’s here (at least, almost).  Tomorrow (aka 45 minutes from now) is Valentines Day, and I feel…. conflicted?

I think I feel this way every year, honestly – like I want to be positive and cute and excited about love, but I’m also kind of grumpy and lonely and over the whole damn thing.  I don’t really hate valentines day – I’m mostly pretty apathetic to it, really.  But I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed all the proclamations of endless love clogging up my instagram feed.

For the record, I don’t think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m single – even when I was in a relationship I found grand romantic gestures to be a little… cringe-worthy.
Sorry bro, but you are not Ryan Gosling and therefore can not pull off Ryan Gosling moves, ya know?

Anyway, I threw together a little playlist for your listening pleasure – songs that are both romantic and depressing, just like this time of year.  Some of the songs are totally sappy and love-y, others are more in the “pining” category, and honestly some are probably not relevant and I just felt like they fit the vibe.  SO, yeah, here’s that.

Just for the record, I’m really loving the first song, Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olson – I heard it the other night in the credits of the show Easy, and was obsessed immediately.  Also loving Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes, and of course Remembering Sunday by All Time Low is one of my favourite love songs ever (has anyone seen all the weird upside down logo business going on on their website/twitter?  spoopy).

On that note I just took a Melatonin for the first time ever and I’m pretty sure I’m about to pass the heck out, so I’ll talk to you soon.  Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you all treat yourself to a little extra love today, whether you have a lover or nah.

x’s and o’s – L