SWEET NOTHINGS: love tingz, new theme, etc.


Poor mompunk has been seriously neglected lately.

When I started this blog I swore I’d make it a priority; this is NOT a place to whine about your life online, Leah! But the truth is… well, I’m a busy gal – even if I don’t know what with. I don’t know how all you people do it. Seriously, someone teach me how to stay motivated and productive and actually do things I’m proud of?

In the meantime, I’m writing it so it’s official – MOMPUNK is just a hobby.  School and work have to be my priorities at the moment – no matter now unfortunate of a reality that is.  I am not about to let this blog be a thing that stresses me out.

Seriously – I refuse.

Speaking of blog things, let me officially introduce “sweet nothings”, aka how I will now be referring to these random life update/chitchat posts. Probably the only feature besides music monday that I will ever be able to stick to because the whole thing is that it’s not really a feature at all – so fun right?
Also live on the blog (what a cool blogger thing to say), a brand new theme!  check it out and let me know what you think – I’ve been wanting to change it up for a while and I feel like this fits the whole vibe of MOMPUNK better.  I’m going to be messing around with the layout of posts etc., in the near future soooo keep an eye out and be patient with me.

Anyway, it’s officially Valentine’s Day! Aka international singles awareness day. Tell me, my fellow single ladies – does it get to you? Do you feel hard done by? Or are you off to the grocery store to pick up some half priced chocolate and then parking on the couch for a movie marathon with the girls?

Personally I’m drowning in school work, so it’s just another Tuesday for me. Hopefully there’s a $9 bottle of red wine with the roommates in my future – gotta celebrate somehow right?

If you’re stuck in a V-Day funk, here is my suggestion: grab a book, a journal and pen, or your laptop, head to the nearest cozy cafe, and dedicate an hour to just hanging out with yourself; think of it as your big valentines day date!  You deserve the love you keep trying to give away, darlings.


On that note, I’m heading home.  There is an ice cream shop that just opened down the street from my house with DONUT CONES, and it is calling my name.  It’s a balmy 5 degrees out in Toronto, soooo obviously time for ice cream.

extra love 4 u today – L

SWEET NOTHINGS: happy happy, joy joy!

I had a great plan for posting every day – I filled in a calendar and everything!  But unfortunately (or, y’know, not) I have been just living life lately, and writing has taken a bit of a backseat.  SO today’s post is just a rambly personal one about what I’ve been up to lately – I’ll be back to talking music/netflix/school/whatever else it is I talk about very soon.

I dunno what it is exactly, but the last few weeks have just been really good.  Productive, and fun, and just… full?  All of my days have been really full and wonderful.  I’m basically just living the Toronto dream.

Right before school picked up again I checked out the Royal Ontario Museum with a friend and it was just so cool?  A little nerdy, but it was incredible.  And being able to just walk through and chat with someone about life and look at all these amazing things and be out in the world was really wonderful.  Plus it was followed by sushi (rip my bank account – why do I eat out so much?), which always makes for a fantastic day.

I started a new set of classes, and I’m actually really liking them so far (except accounting, which is… well, accounting).  I have to take a first year sociology class because the university I started out at didn’t have an equivalent (this is frustrating seeing as how I’m in THIRD year and taking upper level classes at the same time as this one?) but my prof seems like a total badass – on the first day he told us about playing in punk bands, and how the punk scene introduced him to anti-racist politics.
Um, COOL??  I went to chat with him after the lecture, basically to ask him the best way to get out of the class, and it doesn’t look like there is a way – but he did tell me it would be cool to have someone who understood and cared about the material, so that was nice I guess.
I’ve also been doing this thing where I actually review and rewrite my notes after lectures and HEY, turns out it’s a really good idea?  So glad I’m figuring that out three years into my degree.

I also went to the gym a few times?  And it wasn’t even that awful.  I really like this thing called a “recumbent bike”, because it’s basically like a comfy chair except that you pedal.  I spent like 45 minutes on it one day, pedalling away while I drafted a blog post that I’m VERY EXCITED ABOUT on my phone.  That is the ultimate machine for multi-taskers – I’m going to bring my textbook to the gym tomorrow I think.  Will that be weird?  I’m going to do a whole post about gym-ing (not a “here’s how to get a flat tummy/poppin’ booty/whatever the fuck it is you want – just some strategies for making it the most painless experience possible and maybe some fun stories about me embarrassing myself) sooo stay tuned for that.

ALSO ALSO I went to the AGO (the Art Gallery of Ontario).  I can’t tell you much about this because it plays a central part in the aforementioned very exciting blog post, but know that it was gorgeous and I can’t wait to go back, probably alone, and take all the insta-pics, etc.

Last but not least – yesterday I went to the Toronto Women’s March with a couple of friends and had the most wonderful time.  It was SO beautiful – I love women supporting women – and it just filled me with so much hope and excitement for the future.  As much as the current political climate is a little bit terrifying (even here in Canada – did y’all hear about Kevin O’Leary?) it’s comforting to know that literally MILLIONS of people around the world are willing to stand up for lovepositivity, and diversity.  Plus I went for brunch with my lovely lady friends afterward, and then shopped around Queen West, which was a pretty fantastic way to end the day.

Just for the record, I thought it was necessary to add some pink eyeshadow to the day’s

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
shout out to NYX’s avant pop palette in art throb!

look – y’know, since I couldn’t figure out what to wear.  It was all basically gone by the end of the day, but here’s THAT, just because:

SO yeah, life’s just trucking along for me.  I’ve been DOING things, and it feels pretty incredible.  Hopefully I get to… continue that.

What fun things have YOU been up to?  tell me about your life!

talk soon – L



PS, on a completely unrelated note, Brendan Urie is absolutely incredible and I am in near constant awe of him.  Here is a video for proof.


SWEET NOTHINGS: chillin’ essentials.

Chillest of chill nights tonight – I finally finished my class registration today, and it was more stressful than anything.  I genuinely was near tears the whole time – thinking over and over  I should never have moved here.

In some ways it’s true – moving from Victoria, BC to Toronto was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done and, in a lot of ways, it’s made my very easy life very… not easy.  “Maybe,” I said to my roommate today, while I paced around our kitchen with my arms in the air, “I was better off as a big fish in a little pond.”
“Do you really think that?” she asked me.  I fell into a kitchen chair defeatedly, sipping peppermint tea while Megan watched me through curious eyes.  After a little while I shook my head.
“No.  I don’t.  It seems like it would have been so easy to just power through another two years in Vic, hating everything.  In reality though… maybe that’s not the case.”
I’m so so glad I’m here – it’s harder but it’s better.  Nothing worth having comes easy, right?  It’s just hard.  Everything is just hard.

The point is, it was a long day.  A long day after which I wanted nothing more than to light a few candles and put my feet up.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

My relaxing essentials?  WELL, glad you asked:

  • these lil foot softening booties!  like a facial for your feet.  So good.
  • peppermint tea.  I’m trying real hard to facilitate better sleep lately; part of that is coolin’ it on the coffee.  AND I got a grocery store gift card for christmas which turned out to be the best present ever because it means I can buy nice organic tea.  oh!  I also added a bit of fresh ginger, just because I was feelin bougie.
  • candles.  Always candles.  Especially vanilla!
  • White Collar – my latest netflix obsession.  Oh, and Matt Bomer is a dreamboat.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

  • honey face masks.  A friend of my mom’s is a beekeeper, so for christmas I got a little jar of organic vancouver island honey and it is ah-mazing.  Honey is anti-bacterial, which means it’s good for treating and preventing acne and bringing down redness.  It’s also full of antioxidants!  Read more here!

That’s all I got for ya – and it’s more than enough.  What are your essentials for a delicious, indulgent evening in?  Do tell!



love and cozy vibes,

– L

SWEET NOTHINGS: new year new me?

I’m a big fan of New Years.  Have you noticed by now that I’m a bit of a sucker for all things representing a “fresh start”?  (speaking of which, hello to the aforementioned new moon!).  Every year I come up with approximate a million new year’s resolutions – to eat better, to study more, to dress better, to get up earlier.  And how many of those do you think I’ve kept?

Those of you guessing none would be correct.

So yeah, this year I’m saying bye bye to the whole… resolution thing.  I love a good resolution, but it clearly is not working.  It’s never worked.  Does it work for anyone?  Maybe – I think we’ve established that I have minimal will power.  Perhaps there’s someone out there who can pull it off.  But this year I’m going with something more like… near year’s mottos?  Maybe themes?

I’ve got three of them.  And I’m putting them into action a little early (in theory – I haven’t gotten dressed all day so maybe that’s not so true).

So what are the mottos?

1. only forward.  Too much time spent worrying about the past!  Feeling bad about the pasta I ate yesterday or the extra three hours of sleep I had this morning.  Not enough time thinking about what I could be doing NOW to make myself better and move myself forward.  What’s the point in focussing on things that are over?  It’s never gotten me anywhere in the past, that’s for sure.  So in 2017 it’s all about the present – and the FUTURE.

2. just do the thing.  I’m not so good with just… biting the bullet.  I procrastinate like none other, and then generally when I actually do do the thing I’m like… oh.  That was easy.  So yeah, this year I’m biting the bullet.  Get out of bed, Leah!  Do your homework, Leah!  Take out the garbage, Leah!!  Just DO THE THING.  Bam.

3. self care – even when it’s the hard kind.  Listen, self care isn’t always about taking a bath, rubbing yourself down with coconut oil, and taking a nap.  Sometimes self care means dragging your ass out of bed – even when you really don’t want to.  Sometimes it means cooking yourself a real meal when you’d rather go to the krispy kreme down the street.  Sometimes self care is going to class even though you’re a little stressed.  The point is it’s hard to do what you have to do some of the time – it’s hard to look after yourself.  I’d like to start doing a better job.

do have a couple of resolutions – but I’m keeping them small.  Make my bed, floss my teeth, and love more.  Habits most of us could stand to do.

So what about you?  What are you going to change in 2017?  And what’ll stay the same?

Here’s to fresh starts – L

SWEET NOTHINGS: simply having a wonderful christmas time.

Can you tell I’m trying to make relevant posts?  I am!  I’m doing it!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
I’ve already posted this photo but it’s the only festive thing currently on my laptop

So.  Christmas:

All the food; all the family; all the love; all the coffee with Baileys.

I’ve always loved Christmas; even as I get older and the holidays get swept up with exams and flights home and life gets more and more stressful, when it finally comes around I’m always filled with so much joy and love and feelings that I can really only describe as… Christmas cheer.  I think that’s what it’s all about, really – that warmth that’s just there.  You know when you’re sitting around a bunch of people you care about and you just can’t stop going “I just love you guys!”?  That’s me right now.  I’m drinking apple cider while my baby sister draws me (“but as a witch, and no double chin” was my request.  I think she’s drawing me with deer ears.  No one really understands what’s going on anymore) and my mom plays some puzzle game on the computer and there’s Christmas music on.  My baby sister isn’t exactly a baby anymore – she’s sixteen now, almost done high school, and much better looking/more talented than me.  It’s alarming.

2016-12-25 09.16.32 1~2.jpg
she’s amazing


We’re coming to the end of the lunar cycle right now – something I only know because I’ve been googling the moon a lot lately.  The end of the cycle – the Balsamic moon – is a time of release; it’s time to let go of all that no longer serves you and make space for positivity and good vibes.  It feels right that soon a brand new moon will be in the sky; I’m ready for fresh energy and new beginnings.  Really am I ever not ready for a new beginning?

this trip home has been so perfect for me; I was starting to feel a little lost in my life in Toronto.  You can’t always just hop on a plane and run away when you’re feeling like that, I suppose, but this time it happened to work out.  And now I’m heading home in a few days and as heart breaking as it is to say good bye to my family again I am so looking forward to being back to business as usual (only minus the studying, at least for a while!).  I’m so lucky that I now have two incredible places to call “home”.  I’ve been fully overwhelmed by gratitude for days now.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope today was completely magical; you all deserve the very best.

xo -L

SWEET NOTHINGS: 21 and counting.


what is it about being 21 that feels so… big?  Like everything that came before was bdaycakejust practice and now I’m a real adult.  Logically I know I’ve felt this way after every birthday, but I can’t help but feel like this time is different.

I made it home to Victoria, BC, and my cousin came to see me.  She brought her daughter – the sweetest little eighteen month old ball of sunshine you’ve ever seen.  Sam, my cousin, is 22 years old.  She has a fiancee, a baby, and they’re building a house.  And as much as that wasn’t the life that I ever wanted for myself, I can’t help but feel like she seems to really have things figured out.

She’s happy.  She’s loved and she’s comfortable and her family is all nearby.  Her sisters all have young kids too – they help each other out by babysitting and they plan big family get togethers.  Their husbands all have good jobs – manual labour, fishing or building or working on ships like my dad and my uncle.

Bottom line: I’m the only one in the family who is considered a “real adult” and still has no money, no boyfriend, no kids, and no clue what I’m doing.  And honestly, this sounds like a complaint… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


like fending for myself.  I like not having to take anyone else into consideration when I decide where to go.  I can skip breakfast or stay out all night or sleep until three in the afternoon if I want to.  That’s up to me.  And maybe I don’t always make the most grown up decisions, but I haven’t died yet – that’s got to count for something.

I don’t have 21 pieces of wisdom for my 21st birthday – I just am not that wise.  But there is one thing that I have learnt in 21 years on this earth, and that is that all you can ever do is enjoy what is in front of you.

My birthday was so full of love and laughter (and alcohol) – I felt so lucky.  The whole time that I’ve been home in Victoria I’ve felt this way, and it’s that much sweeter knowing that I have a whole life in Toronto just waiting for me.  I can’t wait to go home and see my friends (leaving the city has made me realize just how much of a life I’ve created there), to get my room in order, and to have some time to myself.  I feel like it’s been ages since I could just read, and meditate, and write, and spend time with my friends.  It’s going to be glorious.

Everything is just glorious.

Hope everyone’s holiday is going well – spread a whole lot of love.

Talk soon! -L

SWEET NOTHINGS: i’m obsessed with Toronto.

I tell people that I “just moved here” on a fairly regular basis.  It’s my excuse when someone asks me for a club recommendation, or makes fun of me for wearing a scarf in the beginning of October (it’s fucking cold here guys).  But truthfully, it’s been five months now – that’s almost half a year! – and Toronto really does feel like home.  I’m happier here than I’ve ever been, and I think I’m finally starting to resemble a real Torontonian.


I grew up on Vancouver Island; I went to high school in a town of 8000 people, and then moved to Victoria when I started university.  It was so beautiful, and it’s home – there’s no way I could ever really hate it.  But… I didn’t exactly like it, either.  Maybe it’s pretentious, or maybe it’s immature… but I never felt like I belonged.  It just wasn’t the right ‘fit’.  And, well, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think I DO ‘fit’ here.

Here are a list of things that make me feel like I Belong™ :

  1. listening to Drake (predictable)
  2. calling people ‘babe’ (but NOT ‘fam’.  Stop trying to make ‘fam’ happen, Toronto)
  3. knowing whether I’m facing North/South/East/West
  4. that one time my coffee came in a mug with a huge crack in it and I asked for a different one (do you have any idea how much bacteria gets in there??  A lot.  My friend Andrea literally looked at me and went “what, you think you’re a torontonian now?” – yes, yes I do)
  5. milk in a bag.  I don’t drink milk, but if I did, I would drink it from a bag.  Like a real Toronto person.
  6. buying fruit and veggies from cute little fruit and veggie stands (especially in 2016-09-02 06.33.05 1.jpgKensington Market – which, incidentally is where I am writing this from)
  7. ordering take out (take out options are very limited in a small town.  Simple pleasures, guys.)
  8. kissing people on the cheek in greeting
  9. when people ask me for directions and I can actually help them
  10. walking through a crowd of hundreds of people and somehow managing to avoid eye contact with every single one

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-2-26-47-pm     Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 2.26.09 PM.png

I wouldn’t say these are necessarily all positive developments… but honestly, at this point, I don’t even care.

Here’s the thing about Toronto… it’s alive.  It’s glittery and it’s fast and maybe it’s a little Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 2.26.35 PM.pngbit snobby… but maybe I needed to learn a little bit of snobbery.  Maybe I needed to learn that it’s okay to ask for a clean mug (politely, obviously) or tell a guy I don’t want to give him my number.  It’s okay to wear lipstick to class and to accept favours and to take the last available seat on the bus.  It’s okay to look out for yourself.  Everyone else is doing it.

ANYWAY, this is my ode to Toronto.  Where do you live – do you love it?  And if you’ve ever been to Toronto, tell me – is it too pretentious, or just pretentious enough?


– L