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In the early days (aka September 2016), MOMPUNK was an attempt at a lifestyle blog.  What does that even mean?  I obviously had no idea.  I was mostly making really rushed and gimmicky posts about make up and then, every once in a while, writing about how my life had fallen into shambles but it’s ok guys, I’m gunna be perfect from here on out!!!  That’s what a blogger is meant to be, right?

But I’m tired of that.  It’s boring, and it’s overdone, and if you want to know how to be a perfect human being I am not qualified to teach you.

So MOMPUNK is changing – just like me.  Do I still love talking about make up and music and food and other boring blogger things?  Well duh, I’m only human.  But for now let’s just… lower our expectations, ok?

If you want to get a good sense of MOMPUNK, I’d suggest starting here.

The Girl:

I grew up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, and I currently live in Toronto, about 3000 km away from everything I’ve ever known.  I’m a fourth year university student, a total music nerd, and… a bit of a mess.

If you’re looking for another blog about how to get skinny, or rich, or stylish, then this is not the place for you.  I simply do not have those kind of answers.  But if you’re the type of person who drinks too much coffee, loves every emo band that was popular in 2007, and sleeps through all of your 8am classes… well, then we are going to get along just fine.

xo – L

oh, and btw, you can follow my messy life on instagram, twitter, and snapchat (leahanne.h), too.