I have to be honest, I haven’t logged in to WordPress in a WHILE… but today seemed like the right day.  Maybe I wouldn’t even post anything; maybe I would just take a peek around.  Lord knows I must have missed a thousand new posts by some of my favourite bloggers, and being incredibly nosey I must know what everyone is doing always.  So yeah, I was sitting around in my pjs and I thought… let’s just see what’s going on over there.  And it turns out… it’s my birthday?

Well, MOMPUNK’s birthday.  Which might even be better, if you ask me.

It’s funny, a part of me feels disappointed… like I’ve been at this a full year and if I had just been consistently putting in the effort, I could be a lot farther along.  But another big part of me is quite pleased with how things are going around here.  I’ve found a rhythm that works for me, a stronger voice than I started out with, and a new hobby that, massive success or not, has been a great deal of fun.  Truth is I love playing the part of blogger (and, dare I say – writer???).  And I think I’ll continue.

love + birthday bumps,


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