SWEET DREAMS: a few before bed rituals.

really love my bed.

I remember there was a time where I was like “sleep is dumb, why do people sleep, I want to be awake all the time to do all the things!” but let me tell you, that time has passed and now I am very definitely pro-sleep.  Some might say too pro-sleep (pshhh, is there such thing?).  Not that I don’t still want to do all the things – it’s just that once you realize the difference that getting a decent amount of sleep makes it’s really hard to go back?

Also I’m getting old now – my eye twitches when I don’t get enough sleep, as I discovered last week.

This last year I’ve been working at a nightclub while going to school – aka three nights a week I’m on “industry time”, getting home at 3am, and somehow dragging my ass to school a day later.  And the fun thing about getting home at 3am?  you don’t get home and go to bed – if you get home at 3, you’re in bed at 4.  Maybe you’re asleep at 5.  So that 9:30 alarm that you thought would be nbd (6 hours of sleep, you’re set!) – yeah, not so much.

ANYWAY, I’m finally getting the hang of being the MASTER OF MY CIRCADIAN RYTHMS or whatever – at least, I think so.  I figured I’d hit ya with some tips.

✨ I try (TRY) to shut off my phone and laptop half an hour before bed.  I know, it’s hard – I have for sure fallen off the bandwagon here lately.  But it does make a noticeable difference after a little while.  I like to read (I’ve been trying to get through this book called The Golden Son for like 90 years) or journal for a bit!

✨ get that mood lighting goin’.  I love me some candles (especially vanilla – so delicious), but if you’re not a fan (or you have a very cruel landlord), then try a gentle bedside lamp.  I find it really tough to go from SUPER BRIGHT straight to bed.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

✨ my mom gave me this essential oil blend for christmas and I love it!  it’s got lavender,
marjoram, and chamomile in it – all super soothing and perfect for bringing a good night’s sleep!  I roll a bit of it on my upper lip before I hit the hay.  I don’t know if it really makes me sleep better, but it’s very soothing and sometimes a little ritual is kind of nice.  Weird? maybe.

✨ always always always tea.  I love a bit of sleepy time or peppermint before bedtime.

✨ the right soundtrack – the key to anything, really.  This can be a little threatening to the no technology rule, I know.  I have an old school iPod that I still carry around like a middle schooler tbh and I like to use that, BUT if you have an iPhone there’s also a setting called Night Shift that you can put on which will dim the blue light from your screen!  Not ideal but if you just need to find the perfect spotify playlist then it’s better than nothing.  (I made a chill playlist for you a few weeks ago, btw).

So yeah, that’s my pre-bed ritual.  Tbh going to bed isn’t really the hard part – getting up is… but that’s another post for another day.

For the record – I’ve tried taking melatonin.  I did it a few days in a row and I hated it.  Maybe I’ll do a full post on it one day?  but for now I’ll just say – it gave me weird dreams, and I always still felt super tired the next day.  AND it started to scare me that I was taking melatonin to go to sleep then drinking coffee to stay awake then taking melatonin to sleep then… you get it.

OKAY, off to order take out with my roommates and then have my cinderella moment (changing out of my pjs/putting on some makeup) and heading to work.  We have extended liquor licenses this week and next week (men’s fashion week in Toronto!!) so I’ll be needing this before bed business more than ever.

sweet dreams – L

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