BEAUTY: some recent faves.

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looooooving these lately!

It’s been a while since we had a frivolous chat about my favourite things to put on my face/body, so I thought we should do that.

I’ve been trying desperately to save money lately, so I have had to seriously limit my time spent in the cosmetics aisle of the drug store – not to mention Sephora, firey hell that it is.    Still, my beauty routine changes pretty regularly, so what I use most does too.  Lately I’ve been reaching for these:

✨ I have been obsessed with my MAC dual-fibre brush for literal years – so long that the number has actually worn off, but I’m fairly certain it’s 188?  Anyway, I love this brush for a nice light foundation – it blends any brush marks, smudges, or general imperfections – it’s just so good.  When I use a heavier foundation (like my Urban Decay All Nighter) I apply it with a firmer brush but I still take this over it in big circles when I finish just to keep everything smooth and *~flawless~*

✨ I’ve been searching forever for a dark red lipstick that isn’t maroon, and I’ve landed on e.l.f.’s matte lipstick in wine.  I’d prefer it to be just a little darker, but for $3.49 I can’t complain.  Plus it wore through my entire shift at work!  How could you go wrong?

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✨ Because I am just a normal human being and cannot afford to be using $48 foundation every day of my life (twice a day if I work), I just bought myself a drug store foundation for casual days.  I bought Rimmel’s wake me up foundation just on a whim, and I’m actually very impressed!  It’s got a tiny bit of shimmer in it, which I quite like, and it also has a really faint smell?  Which some people might not be into but I think it’s quite nice.  It does a decent job of covering my redness, which I didn’t expect for $13, and it doesn’t seem to oxidize too much.  It isn’t exactly what I’d call long wear – by the time I get home it’s mostly gone – but for a drug store foundation I’m very happy with it.  I like to put it on with my dual fibre brush or a sponge.

Essie nail polish in bordeaux.  So seasonal, right?  I love a good dark nail colour, and Essie is the very best (especially when it’s on sale!)

✨ lastly, this perfume!!!!!  I am obsessed.  I bought it at Sephora during Christmas break – merry christmas to me?  It’s called La Vie La Mort, from Tokyo Milk’s Dark Line.  It’s floral, but very different from any other florals I’ve used before?  It’s really deep and heady and kind of creamy almost – I want to use the word intoxicating, but that feels a little dramatic.  This is my work/night out/date perfume for sure.

✨ much like my foundation dilemma, I am just not in a position to wear real adult perfume all day every day, so lately for just a casual day about the town I’ve been using this body spray from Bath and Body Works.  It’s called Pink Chiffon, and I think it was about $8 – but it smells great, soooo?  Also very flowery but much lighter and more daytime-friendly than La Vie La Mort.  I’m also a big fan of a little Egyptian Musk essential oil ($6 at your local import shop or health food store!!) for the day-to-day.  The vial is so cute and little, I keep it in my purse.

Tell me, my little beauty gurus – what are you loving lately?

I’m off to do endless piles of homework – trying desperately to get ahead of things (including blog posts……) before Saturday when my lovely lovely friend Sophie arrives!  She’s been living in Australia for the last two years and I haven’t seen her since NYE of 2015!!! so a visit is long overdue.  I anticipate a lot of brunch, a lot of cheap wine, and potentially some trouble……I’ll keep you posted.

happy friday! – L

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