MOVIES: the spectacular now.

Oh my god, GUYS… you have to watch The Spectacular Now.

As usual, I’m late to the party on this movie – I’m not really a big movie watcher, if I’m being honest.  I don’t know why; I waste more than a few hours on tv shows.  But something about them seems like a big commitment.  It’s like you’re going to see a whole story play out.  It’s kind of exhausting.

I! just! love! him!

This movie was extra exhausting tbh, because oh my god it hit home.  It was just so… cute and painful and real.  The story follows a boy named Sutter (played by Miles Teller *heart eyes*) through his final year of high school.  It’s kind of your classic crazy-party-boy-meets-sweet-good-girl story, only there is actual depth to the characters.  They’re lovable but they’re flawed – awkward, even.  It’s definitely not all roses.


I have always been a big fan of coming-of-age tales, but lately I find

tumblr_mxznf4nr3s1qfzrluo1_250them a little bit depressing.  I think it’s because I’ve kind of already come of age.  I’m 21 – if I haven’t learnt how to say fuck you! to the people who hold me back by now then maybe that’s just not a lesson I’m going to learn.  It’s going to take a lot more than a sexy badboy to help me understand that I’m beautiful (probably – although I’d be willing to test the theory if any sexy badboys would like to volunteer).  No one is coming along to teach me how to love and be loved in return.
Is that such a bad thing?  Probably not.  Maybe you don’t grow up when you meet a cute boy who changes everything; maybe you grow up when you change everything yourself.  After all I don’t think I grew up when I had my first drink or lost my virginity – if anything I grew up when I realized that I didn’t have to drink until I passed out, or throw myself at every guy with sad eyes and pretty hands.  Is growing up the painful moments – or the moments you figure out how to make things less painful?

I dunno – mostly just rambling now (as usual).

What’s your favourite coming-of-age movie?  And what about a story from your real life?  Was it all romance and epic parties and riding on the backs of motorcycles with boys your parents hated?  I hope so.

till next time, – L


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