SWEET NOTHINGS: new year new me?

I’m a big fan of New Years.  Have you noticed by now that I’m a bit of a sucker for all things representing a “fresh start”?  (speaking of which, hello to the aforementioned new moon!).  Every year I come up with approximate a million new year’s resolutions – to eat better, to study more, to dress better, to get up earlier.  And how many of those do you think I’ve kept?

Those of you guessing none would be correct.

So yeah, this year I’m saying bye bye to the whole… resolution thing.  I love a good resolution, but it clearly is not working.  It’s never worked.  Does it work for anyone?  Maybe – I think we’ve established that I have minimal will power.  Perhaps there’s someone out there who can pull it off.  But this year I’m going with something more like… near year’s mottos?  Maybe themes?

I’ve got three of them.  And I’m putting them into action a little early (in theory – I haven’t gotten dressed all day so maybe that’s not so true).

So what are the mottos?

1. only forward.  Too much time spent worrying about the past!  Feeling bad about the pasta I ate yesterday or the extra three hours of sleep I had this morning.  Not enough time thinking about what I could be doing NOW to make myself better and move myself forward.  What’s the point in focussing on things that are over?  It’s never gotten me anywhere in the past, that’s for sure.  So in 2017 it’s all about the present – and the FUTURE.

2. just do the thing.  I’m not so good with just… biting the bullet.  I procrastinate like none other, and then generally when I actually do do the thing I’m like… oh.  That was easy.  So yeah, this year I’m biting the bullet.  Get out of bed, Leah!  Do your homework, Leah!  Take out the garbage, Leah!!  Just DO THE THING.  Bam.

3. self care – even when it’s the hard kind.  Listen, self care isn’t always about taking a bath, rubbing yourself down with coconut oil, and taking a nap.  Sometimes self care means dragging your ass out of bed – even when you really don’t want to.  Sometimes it means cooking yourself a real meal when you’d rather go to the krispy kreme down the street.  Sometimes self care is going to class even though you’re a little stressed.  The point is it’s hard to do what you have to do some of the time – it’s hard to look after yourself.  I’d like to start doing a better job.

do have a couple of resolutions – but I’m keeping them small.  Make my bed, floss my teeth, and love more.  Habits most of us could stand to do.

So what about you?  What are you going to change in 2017?  And what’ll stay the same?

Here’s to fresh starts – L

What do you think?

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