NETFLIX AND CHILL? six shows you should probably be binge watching

Writing this from the airport feels like being in a parallel universe; no one here knows who I am or what I do. My mom may have paid for my flight in airmiles and I may have hardly any blog followers, but right now I am a big-city girl creating content for my blog in the waiting area of the airport, wearing real doc. martin’s (thanks dad!) and drinking black coffee. And the funny part is, all of that is true – it’s all about how you spin it.

I’m quite content here (now that I finally got a coffee), but if I could I would definitely prefer to be lying in bed binge watching tv shows – guilt free, now that I have no homework! If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands now (and you’d like to spend it in your underwear offering nothing to society), here are six shows you’ve gotta see.

SHAMELESS (Season 5)

1. Shameless (US). Based on the UK series by the same name, Shameless follows the life of the Gallagers – a family living in the South Side of Chicago. The six kids, led by the oldest daughter Fiona, fight a million battles while they try to find their face in the world. It’s dramatic and aggressive and very very sexual, but it’s also oddly heartwarming and features a decent amount of diversity – win!
Plus Lip, the oldest son, is a total dreamy badboy. Mmm….

2. Scandal. Remember when I told you all to watch Scandal? Well I’m telling you again, because it’s just so good. So… SCANDALOUS. Olivia Pope leads a troupe of lawyers-turned-”problem-solvers” in a mission to help keep people out of all different sorts of trouble.

Oh, also she’s boning the president.

3. American Horror Story. AHS is an anthology series – aka each season is a totally different story – and admittedly some seasons are better than others. Season One, dubbed “Murder House”, is easily the best (but maybe that’s got more to do with an adorable blonde Evan Peters playing a psycho teenager than anything else). Besides Murder House, there is Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, and the latest season, Roanoke. If you love being in constant fear, this is the show for you! Just uh… don’t watch it with your parents in the room; trust me, it’s not fun.

4. Criminal Minds. An oldie, but a goodie. The characters are so lovable, and the stories are so disturbingly fascinating. I promise I’m not a psycho but honestly I just love a good murder mystery; especially the creepy ones. Speaking of which…

5. Law & Order: SVU. Basically just Criminal Minds, only featuring more lawyers, and also Mariska Hargitay. This one features super creepy criminals and legal proceedings! I love a good court scene. I’m sure you’ve all seen this show, but if you’ve never taken the time to really get into it I recommend it highly. I feel like it’s left on in the background at everyone’s grandma’s house but you never get to love Rafael Barba’s life if you don’t take it off mute.

6. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I’ve told you about this one before too, but it bears repeating; this show is everything. The OUTFITS!!! Not to mention the amazing characters, and the feminist undertones. My favourite moment thus far is when some guy says to Miss Fisher “you women are all the same,” and she quirks one eyebrow like the little minx that she is and says “I’m quite sure we’re not”.
And yes – more murders.

There are two themes here and they are murders and cute boys. Good to know!

If you also enjoy either (or both) of those things, let me know what you think of my list – and what I should watch next! Also please suggest things that I could do with my abundant time off that do not involve lying in my bed – I’m ready to spread my wings, ya know?

Until next time – L


** update: I just got home from the airport; it’s 1:30am in Toronto, but of course being on victoria time (3 hours behind) I am wide awake.  AND I have the whole house to myself; very liberating and a little bit lonely.

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