2016-12-04 09.42.16 1.jpg

Here are a few (totally cheap) current obsessions of mine.

  1. honey face masks!  My lovely friend Sarah recommended this to me, as did my mom.  It makes my skin feel wonderful and smooth, and I believe it’s even helped with the redness.  Wow!  So simple – so good.
  2. a nice fresh mani/pedi – done from the comfort of my bedroom of course.  I bought this little nail kit on sale at Rexall a while ago.  Usually I just clip my nails and paint them, but sometimes it’s necessary to go through all the steps – if for no reason other than feeling fancy.
  3. dark chocolate with orange.  So delicious.
  4. Egyptian Musk essential oil.  A little dab on the wrists and behind the ears smells amazing.  It’s super cheap, and something about it just makes me feel good, y’know?
  5. Tea. Obviously.  It’s warm and cozy an delicious and I just… love tea.
  6. Most importantly?  Oh. My. God.  GUYS.  Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries…. you have to watch it!!!  I am obsessed.  SO GOOD.  A 1920s flapper woman in Melbourne solving mysteries, having sex with all the hot men, wearing all the amazing outfits.  She speaks four languages.  She gas a gun tucked into her garter.  She is full of light and love and joy, in spite of the difficult times she has seen.  She is my idol.

OH, and just so you know – I’ve added a bit of Christmas cheer to my bedroom.  Are you proud?

2016-12-04 10.10.23 1.jpg

Thought you’d want to know.

Anything you guys are loving lately?  Happy Blogmas!

– L


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