MUSIC MONDAY: jams for the week.

guys I swear to you all I have been listening to lately is Shawn Mendes’ album Illuminate.  It doesn’t feel nearly punk rock enough for me but god damn, that boy has the voice of an angel.

face of an angel too…..

if you want to have a dramatic karaoke sesh in your room while you fold your laundry, check out Like ThisMercy, and Patience – those are my faves.  And if you want to feel all the warm fuzzy feels, then Lights On is gunna be your jam.

bonus: feel so cool + hip because these guys haven’t taken over the world yet (unlike Shawn-y)

I’m also really really into the band Bay Faction – especially their songs Bloody Nose and Jasper Wildlife Assoc.  They have this really cool grungey sound with killer bass lines and really unique vocals.  They kinda make me just want to like… make poor life choices.  You should listen and tell me if you also get this vibe?  Maybe I’m just real crazy.



Some other gr8 songs for you:

  • Trampoline, by the Unlikely Candidates
  • Modern Swinger, by the Pink Spiders
  • Rosa Dear, by Ruth
  • Technicolor, by SAINTE (why is everyone capitalizing everything?  Why am I a part of this trend?)
  • All In It, by Justin Bieber (sorry but… musical diversity is important and this song is a jam)

This is all that comes to mind right this moment.  What’s on your playlist for the week?

It is monday again – how did that happen so fast?  I’m currently sitting at my desk working on about 30 different assignments all at once and feeling uncharacteristically productive about it all.  Who’s ready to take on the week?  (spoiler alert: not me)

As a side note: I’m currently doing some research for a paper about the construction of violent masculinity.  I’m reading a piece by Jackson Katz right now and he is just… the best.  I saw him speak a few years ago and watched his film Tough Guise.  I just love hearing smart people talk?  Damn.  If you’re curious, here is a link to a clip from Tough Guise, and here is a link to a TED talk that he gave about why violence against women is a men’s issue (seems like a no brainer but – uh…. never mind).  He’s very easy to listen to, super relatable, and generally just an easy to like kinda human – especially if you’re tired of the hegemonic masculine bullshit that is literally EVERYWHERE.

(oh boy, there was a side of me that has yet to be really expressed on this blog.  Feminism, ohh, scary.)

OKAY, anyway, I’ve got about a thousand papers to write so I’m off.  Love love love to all of you – congrats on surviving monday.

– L

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