Hi guys!

It’s smack-dab in the middle of October, which means all manner of spooky things are going down!  As someone who loves dressing up, eating candy, and being terrified, Halloween holds a very special place in my heart – and in lots of your hearts, too, judging by all of the spooky blog posts I’m seeing lately.

It never surprises anyone when I tell them I went through a bit of an “occult” phase back around ninth grade.  I was always trying to use mental powers (which I did not have), and contact spirits (which never got back to me).  It was short lived – I gave it up once I realized that my Ouiga board (which I’d bought at Toys ‘R’ Us) was constantly speaking in complete gibberish – and now I’m quite boring and practical when it comes to the idea of anything vaguely magical.

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I always did think the top of my bookshelf looked kinda witchy…

But now it’s October, right?  And also, I’m in full procrastination mode.. so the other day as I was meandering blogs on the internet I found a blogger who was talking about about witchcraft.  Not, like, double double toil and trouble kind of stuff but actual real witches.  And the thing that kept me around was… she was pretty chill.  She wasn’t weird or cooky, she was just a lady who firmly believed in the power of energy – especially mental energy.  (The blog, for those of you who are wondering, belongs to the lovely Gala Darling – check out her MAGIC tag to see the witch-y-ness in action!).

So yeah, since studying obviously wasn’t happening and my life could really use a little more magic, I did some research.  A lot of what I found went way over my head – I’m all for it if it works for you, it just didn’t seem like a good fit for me personally.  That being said, I also believe in the power of energy, and I think I could stand to learn to focus mine a bit more (whether the results are magical or just slightly more productive than I’ve been lately.  What’s the difference, really?).   The more I looked, the more I found things that I really did find interesting, and maybe even worth trying!

If you’re interested in a testing out a little [practical] magic, here are some of my favourite tidbits that I found on the internet.  As far as I can tell, most of witchcraft (or at least what I found by searching “beginners witchcraft” over and over) is about focus.  It’s about asking the universe for the things you want and casting your positive energy out into the world.  And that, to me, sounds both very realistic, and very magical.  Let me know if you try any of them, and if anything awesome happens!

2016-10-19 10.15.02 1.jpg
when your witch stuff is #onbrand

✨ witches meditate everyday – and incidentally, this is a habit I have been trying desperately to get into!  Telling myself it will make me more magical is major encouragement to sit down for that five minutes in the morning

✨ The first post I found on Gala’s blog was this post about crystals.  Who doesn’t love sparkly things, really?  Maybe one of the crystals on this list can help you out somehow! Personally I picked up some rose quartz and a chunk of clear quartz to promote self love, positivity, and clarity.  They were 3 bucks each from a store I found downtown (if anyone reading this is in Toronto, it’s called Andalous imports and it’s on Yonge!), so even if they aren’t really magic, it’s not the end of the world.  And they’re beautiful!

✨ nature is a huge part of witchcraft – try adding a few plants to your home/bedroom and see how they affect your mood.  Check out this list to see what does what!

✨ I’ve always been a big fan of candles, so I was pretty easily sold on using coloured candles to cast magic spells!  Once again, here’s a handy list to help you figure out what colours you ought to use.  There are tons of quick and easy “spells” on the internet, but personally I like to just light a few in the morning when I meditate – if they bring me good things then that’s a bonus!

✨ cast a spell on your morning coffee or tea!!!  I already fully believe in the power of coffee, soooo

✨ Make this delicious (and magical) sounding shower scrub!!  DIY beauty + witchcraft; who could ask for more?

✨You can also do some research on the zodiacphases of the moon, and tarot cards!!  They’re all mentioned a lot on all of the websites I found.

Happy almost Halloween, my friends!  What do you have planned?

Stay spooky!

– L


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