MUSIC MONDAY: current jams.

As promised, another music post!  Here’s five songs I’ve been listening to non-stop lately.

1. Oviedo – Blind Pilot
There’s a guy at work who went a solid two weeks without talking to me about anything but this band, so I figured I should check them out.  Super depressing indie music, but sometimes that’s what you need, right?  I love their song Oviedo the most.

2. Take Cover – All Time Low
I’m so starved for new music from All Time Low… One of my favourite bands EVER, and they just keep getting better with age.

3. With Love – HARBOUR
this song popped up in my spotify playlist one week.  Never fails to make me smile.

4. Don’t Call Me Peanut – Bayside
I rediscovered my love for this song when I saw Bayside live back in August.  So…much…angst.

5. Santa Fe – Hey Rocco
Sometimes you just want to imagines yourself in an indie teenage romcom, y’know?  On second thought, maybe this idea was put into my head by the fact that their album is called Teenage Movie Soundtrack… and I am unoriginal.

Anyway, you may or may not have noticed that I failed MISERABLY at the whole Friday Face thing.  It’s midterm time, and it was reading week, so I’ve barely even been bothering with mascara lately, let alone anything actually interesting.
I apologize for being so unreliable.

I’m currently lying in a beanbag chair, trying to create a schedule for myself – my school and work schedules are ridiculous (not because I’m doing so much, just because the timing is all over the place), and everything is feeling very hectic.  Where am I?  What am I doing?  What day is it?

If you have any tips for creating some semblance of order in life, please send them my way – I am desperate.

Good luck to anyone else studying for midterms right now!

xo – L

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