TV: i’m obsessed with scandal.

alternatively titled “I have been watching Scandal all day instead of writing blog posts or studying”

I’m sure it will come as a shocking surprise to everyone that today, my Ultimate Day of Productivity, turned into the Ultimate Day of Sleeping In, Eating Snacks, and Watching Netflix.  My to do list was full of boring school things but also, more importantly, writing a good blog post.  However, that dream was swept away the moment I sat down to paint my nails and figured I’d put Scandal on in the background.

Have you guys watched this show?  what is even happening???  I’m freaking out.  At the end of every single episode I’m, like, hunched over my computer with my mouth hanging open.  It’s horrendous.  And just when I think nothing else could possibly go wrong, something does!  

2016-09-25 07.51.32 1.jpg

and I think my life is a mess… damn.  Poor Olivia.

Anyway, this post really exists solely because I have some very important things to say about this show.

  1. if anyone deserves to be tagging their instagram posts #thehustle, it’s Olivia Pope.  Seriously does that woman ever sleep?  I bet she has an epic morning routine.
  2. one time my friend Kelly said, and I quote, “Fitz is, like, the whole reason I’m into silver foxes.”  And okay, when I first set out on the journey that is this show I wasn’t really into it, but now… damn.  Fitz can get it.
  3. How does everyone always look so amazing?
  4. is the world really this corrupt?  I know the answer is probably yes, and that is terrifying.  Do you think I’m wrong to hope Canada is somehow better?
  5. Kerry Washington is a megababe.  Legs for days.
  6. Chemistry is everything to me… this show is very good at it.

If you’ve watched Scandal, please tell me your thoughts!  Also, recommendations of other shows to binge watch when I should be doing important stuff?

Hope everyone’s ready for Monday!  (I am not.)

– L

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