MUSIC: today’s study soundtrack.

It’s funny how days spent almost exclusively sitting at my desk can feel like the busiest days of all sometimes…  There’s just so much to do!

I’ve been reading a paper about the history of immigration in Toronto for the last…four hours.  Would you like an overview?

  1. people were really really racist
  2. they got slightly less racist for a while
  3. then they got really racist again
  4. and then we embraced multiculturalism for a bit

Bam.  You’re all caught up.

Anyway, all this studying (and work in a couple of hours) has meant not a whole lot of time for blogging… oops.  But, I do have time to hop online and tell you about my soundtrack for these many hours of reading!

I like soft acoustic indie tunes while I study – something that can play in the background

plus how cute are they?

without being too distracting.  Oh Wonder is pretty much perfect for that.

They’re a sugary sweet British duo that I discovered when they opened for Halsey this
summer.  They’re kind of grossly in love, but both of them have beautiful voices, great lyrics, and the music blends together just enough to keep from being distracting, but not so much that it’s boring.

You know what is boring?

Homework.  That’s what.

What are you listening to lately?  Any other sweet indie tunes to recommend to me for study time?


– L

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